We provide a full range of services for the legal protection of trademarks for goods and services (TM) and geographical indications in Ukraine and abroad. Our experts will assist you in choosing or creating a designation used as a trademark.

They will conduct the novelty search in Ukraine and abroad, will help to make a list of goods and services, needed to be protected, and will prepare and file an application for registration of a trademark with the Patent and Trademark Office of Ukraine on your behalf. They will also undertake the representation of your interests in the course of the TM prosecuting.

We will help you to register your trademark abroad, including the assistance with the international registration under the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol.

In addition, we are able to protect your interests in courts in case of violation of your exclusive rights by a third party. Also, we can organize the monitoring of illegal use of your TM in Ukraine.

We know the value of your ideas and how to protect them